6. The Manifesto Workshop

2020 — Print, research
Supervised by:
    Tristan Ceddia (Never Now)
    Rick Milovanovic

Special thanks:
Derek Gurban, Zoe Hu, Dennis Grauel, Elana Schlenker, Owen Cramp, Kasia Ilczyszyn (Susu Studio), Michael Precel.

            Conversations around design ethics are increasingly necessary in this fast-paced, result-oriented world, but they are often difficult and uncomfortable. This workshop provides a unique context that fosters discussion – a playful and interactive approach to the traditional manifesto document. Values from various designers and codes of conduct are presented as a set of 18 cards for students to choose from (blank cards also provided). Personalisation empowers students to curate a set of values that they resonate with. A take-home binder accommodates for the ever-evolving and iterative nature of design ethics. The manifesto intends to be a starting point and tool towards cultivating a conscious and holistic design practice. PDF available for more info.

Design manifestos are essentially a public declaration of one’s personal beliefs. They are an honest, vulnerable and aspirational collection of intentions. Manifestos serve as a tool towards a more conscious design practice, as well as a script for action. Although not a legally-binding document, the space for a signature invites students to commit and is important for accountability.

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