7. David Chesworth: Sonic Kaleidoscopic

2020 — Event identity, microsite, print
Supervised by: Owen Cramp

            Proposed identity for an exhibition at the State Library Victoria. David Chesworth is an icon within the experimental and electronic music scene in Melbourne. His debut album was recorded in the 70s using a reel-to-reel tape recorder, which inspired the versatile circular holding shapes. The motif was designed with motion in mind, and is cropped to convey the larger-than-life personality of the post-punk era.

The name ‘Sonic Kaleidoscopic’ is inspired by the way David himself describes his music in an interview. Exploring this concept further, I realised that there were strong similarities between a  kaleidoscope and his work; both involve simple repeated components that produce seemingly complex patterns. The slow, steady rotation of a kaleidoscope echoes the tape recorder David used to layer his music. (It’s also just fun to say).

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